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Terms & Conditions

Let's Get Started!
Welcome to IMANI x OCE. We're all about good vibes and natural ingredients. These Terms and Conditions make sure we're on the same page. Enjoy!

Product Info
Our skincare products are top-notch, and we try to give you all the scoop about ingredients and how to use them. Remember to read labels and talk to a pro if needed. We want what's best for you!

Ordering is a Breeze
To place an order, just share your info and pay in your favorite way. Easy peasy! We'll check if everything's available and may deny a request if needed. Keep it chill! We'll do our best to keep things stocked around here!

We're speedy shippers, but delivery times can vary. No stress though, we're not responsible for delays or mishaps during shipping. Check our shipping policy for more.

Love it or Leave it
We want you to love our products, but if you're not feeling it, hit us up within 7 days. We might offer a swap, refund, or something cool. We got your satisfaction in mind!

Our Style, Our Property
All the cool stuff on our website, like logos and names, is ours (or our buddies'). Please don't use it without our permission. Respect our vibe!

No Drama Zone
Our products are awesome, but we can't promise miracles. Results may vary, and we're not responsible for any damages. Stay chill and enjoy the ride!

Privacy? We Got You.
We respect your privacy big time. We handle your info with care, just like we handle our products. Read our Privacy Policy for all the deets. We got your back!

Changes Happen
We might switch things up now and then, and these Terms and Conditions can change too. Keep an eye out for updates. Keep the good vibes going!

Let's Keep it Local
These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of South Florida. If there's a disagreement, we'll sort it out peacefully. Let's keep it positive!

By surfing our website and snagging our products, you're showing love and commitment to these Terms and Conditions. We appreciate you! Hit us up if you have questions. Peace, love, and good skin vibes!

Privacy Policy

Your Privacy Matters!
Hey there, lovely human! We care about your privacy as much as we care about good vibes. This Privacy Policy explains how we handle your info when you interact with IMANI x OCE. Stay chill and read on!

Info We Collect
We may collect some deets from you, like your name, email, and shipping address. Don't worry, we won't go digging for sensitive stuff. It's all about giving you an elevated experience!

Sharing is Caring
We won't share your info with just anyone. Pinky promise! We might work with trusted partners to make things happen, but we'll keep your deets safe and sound. No shady stuff here!

Cookies and Chill
Our website might use cookies, not the yummy kind though. These tiny digital helpers make your browsing smoother. Feel free to tweak your browser settings if you're not into them. You're in control!

Good Vibes Only
We won't use your info for sketchy purposes or spam your inbox. We're all about creating a positive space, so you'll only hear from us with cool updates, offers, and skincare tips. Opt-out anytime if you need a break!

Security First
We take your info's security seriously. We've got measures in place to protect it from unauthorized access or use. But hey, no system is perfect, so stay vigilant and let us know if anything seems off.

Minors Welcome, with Parental Guidance
Our website is open to everyone, but if you're under 18, get a grown-up's permission before sharing any info with us. Safety first, kids!

External Links
Sometimes we might include links to other websites or apps. We can't control what happens there, so once you leave our site, stay aware and check their privacy policies. We got you this far!

Changes Happen, We'll Let You Know
We might update this Privacy Policy as we grow and improve. When we do, we'll post the changes here. Keep an eye out for updates and stay in the loop. We're all about transparency!

Let's Chat!
Got questions or concerns about your privacy? We're here to help. Reach out to our super friendly team and we'll get back to you with good vibes and answers.

Remember, this Privacy Policy is meant to create ease and protect your privacy. By staying connected with us, you're showing love and commitment to this policy. We appreciate you! Keep shining and enjoy your skincare journey with us!

Return Policy

Returns and Refunds
We take pride in the quality of our products. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact our customer service within 7 days of receiving your order. We may offer replacements, exchanges, or refunds at our discretion.

Digital Item Policy

Digital Items with Love
Hey, beautiful soul! This Digital Item Policy explains how we handle our digital goodies at IMANI x OCE. It's all about spreading positive vibes and making sure you have an amazing experience!

What are Digital Items?
Digital items are our special creations, like e-books, guides, and downloadable content. They're designed to uplift and empower you on your wellness journey. Get ready for some digital magic!

Payment and Access
When you purchase a digital item, you're gaining access to our precious creations. Payments are processed securely, and once the transaction is complete, you'll receive a download link or access code. Time to dive in!

Sharing is Caring (But Not Too Much)
We poured our heart and soul into these digital items, so please keep them for personal use only. Don't distribute or resell them without our permission. We're all about sharing good vibes, but let's respect each other's creative work.

Compatibility and Tech Stuff
We strive to ensure our digital items work smoothly, but sometimes technology can be tricky. Make sure you have the required software or hardware to access and enjoy the digital goodness. We're here to help if you run into any tech hurdles!

Refunds and Exchanges
Digital items are non-refundable, as they're instantly accessible. If you encounter any issues with your download or experience, reach out to us, and we'll do our best to resolve it with a sprinkle of positivity.

Copyright and Intellectual Property
All our digital items are protected by copyright laws and intellectual property rights. That means they're our creative babies, and we hold the rights to them. Let's honor each other's creative expressions and avoid any infringement.

Feedback and Love
We adore your feedback and hearing how our digital items have brightened your life! Feel free to share your positive experiences and testimonials with us. Your love and support keep us inspired!

Changes and Updates
As we continue to grow and evolve, we might update our digital items. When we do, you'll have access to the updated version, often at no additional cost. It's our way of keeping the magic alive!

Let's Connect!
Have questions, suggestions, or need assistance with our digital items? Reach out to our friendly team. We're here to spread joy and help you make the most of your digital journey!

Remember, this Digital Item Policy is meant to ensure a smooth and joyful experience for everyone. By diving into our digital goodies, you're embracing this policy with love and commitment. We're grateful for your support and excited to share the digital magic with you! Keep shining and enjoy the journey!

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