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Introducing IMANI's Handmade Herbal HAND SANITIZER, a powerful and natural solution for keeping your hands clean and protected. IMANI's carefully crafted formula combines the benefits of alcohol, witch hazel, peroxide, calendula, tea tree oil, lavender, sage, catnip, and citrus oils to create an effective and aromatic hand sanitizer you can trust.

The inclusion of alcohol ensures effective germ-killing action, while witch hazel provides a gentle and soothing touch, making it suitable for frequent use. Calendula, known for its skin-soothing properties, helps maintain skin health and prevents dryness or irritation caused by frequent sanitizing.

Tea tree oil, a natural antiseptic, offers additional antibacterial benefits, while lavender provides a pleasant and calming scent. Sage and catnip lend their antimicrobial properties to further support a germ-free environment.

To uplift your senses and add a refreshing twist, we've included a blend of citrus oils, known for their invigorating and mood-boosting effects.

Our handmade herbal hand sanitizer is not only effective but also promotes a holistic approach to hand hygiene. By harnessing the power of these carefully selected natural ingredients, we offer a sanitizing experience that is both effective and gentle on your skin.

With our Handmade Herbal Hand Sanitizer, you can feel confident knowing you're using a product crafted with integrity and a commitment to your well-being. Experience the benefits of nature's finest ingredients and keep your hands clean, fresh, and protected wherever you go.


Note: While our product is formulated with ingredients known for their potential benefits, it's important to follow proper hand hygiene guidelines and use hand sanitizer as a supplement to regular handwashing.


IVA incluido
  • Infused with a blend of nourishing herbs and botanical extracts, our sanitizer effectively cleanses and protects, leaving your hands feeling refreshed and revitalized. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and hello to a natural, aromatic experience. Shop now and enjoy the benefits of clean, germ-free hands the herbal way.

  • Items are shipped via USPS. We aim to process and ship orders promptly (3-5 business days). Delivery times may vary depending on your location and external factors beyond our control. We are not liable for any delays or damages during shipping. Please review our shipping policy for further details. Orders over $50 receive free shipping. 

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